Ashes of Reality is a small author and publishing group focusing on helping independent authors navigate writing, editing, publishing, and advertising their works.

We deal in all genres of fiction as well as nonfiction, poetry, and blogging. The idea behind Ashes of Reality is to have a safe environment for LGBTQAI+/Queer authors, readers, and their allies. We have dedicated sections that feature these populations, but it is not necessary to be a part of the group. We believe that expanding reading and writing experiences to be inclusive of diverse populations should be the norm, not the exception. Our aim is to highlight and feature works that normally get lost in the flood of popular literature. There are phenomenal authors out there and there are amazing stories by and about people in our communities.

What do we offer members?

-Networking: Members have access to listings of available editors, artists, and other publishing assistance. We offer the chance to network with inclusive individuals and help each other grow.

-Website: Members can have a single page on (/authorname) at no cost, or they may discuss purchasing a subdomain ( with the site owner.

-Safe Space: A place to share works without fear of being trolled. This is a place to support each other.

-Review Trades: Rules to be posted soon for this. We are a group that is set up to promote and support each other as independent authors.




A New World

Beverly L. Anderson

The time of thunder is coming.
And the lightning will precede.
But before all,
the endless rain will begin to fall.
The fantasy, the fairy tale,
shall become the reality.
The reality, the truth,
shall become the fantasy.
All life shall be destroyed
only to be reborn into
new shapes that are unreal now.

Does anyone see the lightening?
Does anyone hear the thunder?
Prepare to die.
Prepare to live.
Death and life,
all the same,
from now on.

The rain is falling heavy now,
and fires are burning,
and the lightening has come,
and the fire consumes all,
Things are not in conjunction.
The thunder will come,
and with one resounding boom,
consume all.

All to be reborn
with the first ray of light
as something new and mysterious.
Oh, how loud it is!
Resonating forever and ever and ever and…

All is quiet.
I open my new eyes in a new world.
The fire is gone.
The rain is gone.
Light surrounds me.I smile as best I can
and raise golden red wings,
born from the ashes,
I rise.

Once a myth,
now so true.
I sore over the lands,
mythic lands of lore.Someone watching below sees
a lone Phoenix in flight.


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